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Bucephalandra 'Godzilla'
Bucephalandra 'Godzilla'
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bucephalandra 'Godzilla'

Bucephalandra 'Godzilla'

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Bucephalandra is a more recent species to the aquascaping hobby and therefore many varieties often do not yet have official common names. They are considered a rheophytic aquatic plant, meaning they can survive in more extreme conditions where most plants and animals cannot. This also means they are undemanding, easy to maintain, and grow well in mildly shaded areas of your tank. Bucephalandra comes with a variety of leaf sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and colouration. They generally have a glossy leaf top that is green or blue, with an underside of white, red, or yellow. Their light and carbon dioxide demands are low, however increases in these parameters will result in faster growth and more intense colouration. As rhizomatous plants, they will grow best when attached to stones or wood with their rhizome and roots above the substrate. In their natural environment, bucephalandra species grow on rocks and driftwood along the banks of tropical streams and rivers. These plants are easily propagated by dividing the rhizome into separate pieces. New growth will begin at leaf nodes along the rhizome, so ensure each piece has a minimum of two nodes. These plants will thrive both submerged in an aquarium and emersed in a terrarium. When grown emersed these plants will often produce a white or pink flower.


Bucephalandra 'Godzilla':

  • Is a medium sized bucephalandra that has longer than average leaves with ruffled edges
  • Has new leaves that emerge a red to deep brown color which darkens as the plant ages
  • Can be attached to a rock or piece of wood using threat, twist ties, zip ties, or super glue
  • Is indigenous to the tropical forests of Borneo, Indonesia
  • CO2 injection and high quality aquarium substrate will increase growth



 Type: Rhizomatous
Growth rate: Slow - Moderate
Height: 5 - 10 cm
Ideal pH: 6 - 8
Light Requirements: Low - Moderate
CO2 Requirements: Low - Moderate
Ideal Placement: mid- to Foreground
Difficulty: Easy