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Alternanthera Bettzickiana 'Red'
Alternanthera Bettzickiana 'Red'
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Alternanthera Bettzickiana 'Red'

Alternanthera Bettzickiana 'Red'

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This plant comes in a bunch of lead stems.

Alternanthera varieties are long-stalked stem plants that are found in a variety of colors ranging from bright green to dark violet. They can be found with a variety of leaf shapes and overall plant sizes with dwarf versions generally being labelled 'Mini'. They commonly prefer medium light and CO2 levels, however more vibrant colors and rapid growth will result from increases to these parameters. As stem plants, they should be planted directly into the substrate where they will form large, prolifically growing root systems. Naturally, alternanthera varieties are found in well-flooded, marsh-like habitats where they often experience emersed periods. When grown submersed, it is important to regularly trim stems to promote outward growth and keep plants from growing beyond the surface of the water. When alternanthera grow above the surface of the water, they will begin to sacrifice leaves under the water to allocate more energy to the emersed part of the plant. However, these plants will thrive both submerged in an aquarium or emersed in a terrarium.


Alternanthera Bettzickiana 'Red':

  • Is good for beginners as it's easier to grow than most other red stem plants
  • Prefers high nitrate and phosphate levels as well as a nutrient-rich substrate
  • Will exhibit more vibrant coloration and rapid growth with increased light and CO2 injection
  • Will require regular trimmings to maintain it's height as a mid- to background plant


 Type: Stem
Growth rate: Moderate to fast
Height: 10 - 30 cm
Ideal pH: 6.5 - 7.5
Light Requirements: Moderate (~0.5 W/L)
CO2 Requirements: Recommended
Ideal Placement: Mid- to Background
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate